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How Astrology Works For You?

Jyotish means Jyoti-Ish. Jyoti are all the light emitting or light reflecting celestial bodies. Ish means God. Another meaning of Jyotish is ‘Science of Light’. It is the Indian system of divination which studies how ‘Naksahatras, Stars and Planets’ affect human life. It includes astronomy, astrology and the science of time keeping, using movements of astronomical bodies. Jyotish, one of the six Vedangas is known as ‘Vedic astrology’.

Astrology helps to achieve the four main goals of life: dharma (social and religious duty), artha (acquiring wealth), kāma (love and worldly enjoyment) and moksha (liberation). It serves as a guiding light in our lives and ultimately light the way out of the illusory world of forms and can take us back to the Divine.


Our consultation helps you find a proper approach to solve problems and achieve happiness in your life

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