I have been practising Jyotish-Vedic astrology for the past 15 years. I provide in depth analysis of one’s birth chart with strong emphasis in understanding karmic patterns involved along with their esoteric significance. I strongly believe that each planet contributes to the spiritual growth of an individual in its own way.

  • In depth analysis of a birth chart along with the practicable remedies relevant in contemporary times

  • Understanding the karmic patterns in a chart to figure out

    1. Different kinds of time period along with their importance

    2. Potential growth of mundane as well as inner spiritual world

    3. Ultimate goal of an individual on the planet earth

I am now conducting all of my consultations person to person over the internet by default. Should this not be an option to you due to time zone restraints, etc., then pre- recorded is also an option. But, please note that these sometimes take me longer to complete due to the way my workflow is set up.

I request that you please read each option to find out which of my services most thoroughly suits your needs. Fees listed are determined in association with the level of research and time required to address your specific needs.

Please choose the corresponding button for the service you have chosen. I will respond within 24 hours to confirm the date with you. . Current wait time is between 8-10 days from the date you have scheduled. Turnaround time varies according to present workload. Once you have picked a kind of service, your request will be submitted. Upon confirmation of payment, you would receive an email requesting your details to begin working on your chart.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your particular needs prior to scheduling, please feel free to Contact Me. With all options, upon scheduling please be sure to send the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Time of Birth (if known)
  • Location of Birth
  • Current location

On-going tutoring is available to the students at all levels.

/ Per Hr

About my fees

The fees for service given above are based on the standards among experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. However, I never refuse services to anyone based on an inability to pay, but would leave it to their own means. If you are sincere and cannot afford the full cost of a consultation, please set the fee based on what you can afford.

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